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Clinical Medicine And Community Health

Clinical Medicine and Community Health

A Clinical officer is a legally recognized Health Professional who is licensed to perform independently general medical duties such as diagnosis and treatment of disease and injury in all age group, ordering and interpreting medical tests, performing routine medical and minor surgical procedures.

The clinical role of Clinical Officers includes primary and specialty care in medical and surgical practice settings.  Professional competencies for clinical officers include the effective and appropriate application of medical knowledge, interpersonal and communication skills, patient care, professionalism, practice-based learning and improvement, and systems-based practice.

Patient-centered, clinical officer’s practice reflects a number of overarching themes.  These include an unwavering commitment to patient safety, cultural competence, quality health care, lifelong learning, and professional growth.

Furthermore, the profession’s dedication to the physician-Clinical Officer team benefits patients and the larger community.

Therefore, Clinical officers treat all diseases seen in general practice and refer those beyond their skills to physicians/medical doctors. Medical clinical officers are also known as Medical Assistants or Physician Assistants in some parts of the world.

The medical clinical officer comparable to medical assistants may perform health care tasks in any setting authorized by the supervising authority, including physician offices, clinics, hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, patient homes, nursing homes and other health care institutions.

These tasks may include:

  1. Take comprehensive medical histories
  2. Examine patients
  3. Write case summaries/findings
  4. Order and interpret general Laboratory tests
  5. Make diagnosis and appropriate treatment
  6. Manage general medical conditions
  7. Communicate effectively with patients, relatives and colleagues
  8. Performing minor surgical procedures
  9. Carry out antenatal care, post-natal
  10. Conduct Normal Deliveries and supervise immunization
  11. Refer emergence and complicated cases appropriately
  12. Promote community health within health facilities and catchment area.
  13. Works in Public and Private health institutions and Manages Private Dispensaries.


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