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Nutrition & Dietetics

Nutrition & Dietetics

The science and profession of nutrition and dietetics is based on the application of foods and nutrition to promote health and treat disease. Most of nutritionists and dietitians work in clinical, community, public health or food service settings.

Nutritionists/Dietitians can work in the public or private sector or as a third option open a private practice and become self-sufficient. Clients may be referred by medical officers or as a result of a decision made by the health care team discussing their clients issues or by the clients initiative.

Clinical Nutritionist/dietitians, also known as medical nutrition therapists, usually work in a hospital as part of a health care team. This person is responsible for using diet to treat disease and as part of the treatment plan. Clinical dietitians assess needs, manage the nutrition care of patients in a variety of the clinical settings and conduct individual or group counseling sessions. 

Community Nutritionist refers to persons that work in community programs that are funded by governmental organizations or private groups.

Nutritionists/Dietitians are involved in food service work in hospitals, schools, and long-term care facilities. They have responsibilities related to the day-to-day preparation and delivery of foods, food acquisition, employee supervision, and fiscal matters.

Nutritionists work in behavior change communication programs, nutritional rehabilitation, sports, food legislation, marketing, pharmaceuticals and wellness settings.

A nutritionist is a person who provides advice on matters relating to food and how it impacts on health. Nutritionists can design, coordinate, implement and evaluate population health interventions that are designed to improve health and wellbeing through food and nutrition. Nutritionists may also work in a variety of other occupations including research, as nutrition consultants, in public health.

A Dietitian is an expert on diet and nutrition. Within the profession there is a constant learning of skills and application of knowledge, allowing Dietitians to establish and implement the guidelines of maintaining healthy nutritional practises for all individuals. 

The following higher learning institution is accredited to offer training in Human Nutrition sciences:

  • College of Medicine and Health Sciences/ University of Rwanda
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