Ophthalmic Clinical Officers - RAHPC

Ophthalmic Clinical Officers

Ophthalmic Clinical Officers

These are eye care health professionals who:

  1.  Diagnose and initiate treatment / appropriate management of all common eye problems, including refractive errors (blinding and potentially blinding conditions);
  2. Recognise and refer to ophthalmologist those conditions that require more sophisticated/advanced care;
  3. Organise and conduct outreach activities such as screening camps, school health programmes, etc.;
  4. Impact primary eye health education on health promotion and prevention of preventable eye diseases;
  5. Select and prepare patients who require intra-ocular surgery;
  6. Assist the ophthalmologist in ophthalmic surgery;
  7. Carry out post-operative management of the eye patients after surgery;
  8. Perform eyelid and other specified minor extra-ocular operations;
  9. Perform practical procedures involved in examination, investigation and treatment  of common eye problems
  10. Manage an eye clinic along with keeping records and supplies;
  11. Supervise primary eye care personnel;
  12. Perform refractive and prescribe spectacles to patients;
  13. Perform a basic clinical low vision assessment and prescribe necessary interventions;
  14. Ensure prevention maintenance and assured working condition of all types of instruments equipment used in eye care; and
  15. Perform patient counselling and service marketing in eye care.

The following higher learning institution is accredited to offer training in Clinical Ophthalmology:

  • College of Medicine and Health Sciences/ University of Rwanda


Other than Ophthalmic Clinical Officers, this board caters for Cataract Surgeons.

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